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We are a small family run business with seating inside and outside.

We prepare simple food served in a relaxing atmosphere within a 300 year old cottage.

Once upon a time, way back in 1966, the good people of Eaglesham were without a place to rest their weary feet and have a good chat with their friends and neighbours over a cup of tea and a cake.

In the June of that year their wish was granted and Mrs. Jean Greig opened a tea-room at 63 Montgomery Street. The present day sees an established well in the garden but originally it was little more than a spring leading to a hole in the ground. Mrs. Greig created a well around the spring and so was born the name of the establishment, The Wishing Well.

In 1986 The Wishing Well changed hands, and then several times once more until 1997 when Norman Munro welcomed the customers to the door until 2004.

Today, Siobhan Reilly and her team greet customers to The Wishing Well. A local south-sider, Siobhan fondly remembers her visits to the establishment as a young girl.

Today sees the realisation of a dream come true for Siobhan to work in the beautiful village of Eaglesham as patron of The Wishing Well. Siobhan and her husband, Simon are keen to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

To this end, as well as your contributing to the atmosphere of a good, old fashioned tea-room, you are welcome to wander around the beautiful gardens established by the founders father in the 1960’s and today maintained by Simon.

The magical wishing well in the garden is still there for you to enjoy as is, from the upper part of the garden, (on a clear day!) the spectacular views of the city across to the Campsie Fells. One might even see some fairies in the garden on a quiet day!

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